about us

Living in a house with six sisters is no easy feat but luckily our shared passion for fashion, food and crafts led to vibrant DIY projects and a lot of fun to be had in our home in Dallas, TX.  After a good amount of scheming combined with the desire to find a creative outlet for our projects, we decided to create this blog for anyone else who finds pleasure in the same pursuits.

Darling One is the editor, writer and head photographer.  The oldest of the darling six gang, Darling One comes from a background in business and law.  She loves to read just about anything about everything, write in her signature moleskin journals and capture moments through her photography.  An avid fashion enthusiast, she also loves to read foreign fashion magazines, cook and sing in the kitchen, collect old good things, and live with gumption.

Darling Two is the graphic designer, food writer, and contributing editor.  Coming from a background in architecture, design and computer graphics, she is the only darling with her own toolbox and not afraid to use it.  She currently works for a non-profit organization committed to instigating social change through good design and sustainable community development. When not taking care of all things technical, she tends to her two puppies, Olive and Luna, dreams about gardening, schemes on her next travel adventure, and loves to make fun.

Darling Three is our fashion guru and daydreamer.  She is inspired by art, fashion, hip hop and funk, and not afraid to be different.  When not putting together fashion looks, she loves to read books, watch movies, and indulge in her girlish enthusiasm for flowers, cartoons and all things vintage.

Darling Four is our pastry chef and food photographer.  She spends her free time learning photography, trying new recipes and playing with the family pups.  Every week she will post her latest sweet recipes that get the exceptional rating from each of the darling six gang.

Darling Five is our crafty queen.  She loves to create and is not afraid to do it herself.  Being a general tinkerer, she spends all of her free time creating irresistible adorable crafts out of leftover unwanted fabrics and garments.  She also loves to draw and has a slight obsession with comics, vintage goodies and wit. 

Darling six is our supplier of giggles, enthusiasm and joy.  She is the youngest of the darling six gang and stays busy with tasting Darling Four’s latest creations, getting lost in creative projects with Darling Five and watching our photo shoots with great zest.  When she’s not helping with the blog, Darling six also enjoys collecting old toy cars.

Contact us at darlingsix@gmail.com.