Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prairie Queen

Being Southern girls, the darling six gang have a genuine appreciation for the fields and the prairie.  What better escape when the mind needs clearing and the soul needs to be alone?  
The plain gives man new and novel sensations of elation, of vastness, 
of romance, of awe, and often nauseating loneliness.
- Walter Prescott Webb, The Great Plains (1931) 

Darling three adds sophistication to the prairie dress with rich gold jewelry,
loose wavy hair, and her favorite accessory, the ukulele.  Long dresses are on trend right now and we love Darling three's ease and stride.  The vast open prairie lets the wind blow true and we find it hard not to fall for the mystique of this lady of the Prairie.

Gap dress, Madewell gold chain, J. Crew necklace, bracelet and headband, and Forever21 platform wedges

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lights for a party.

We here at the darling six gang love to throw dinner parties.  
When Spring is around the corner and the breeze is just right, there's nothing like having a dinner party outside.  A great way to create the perfect cozy ambience is to throw up some lights.  Here, darling five and six got crafty and attached old soda pop bottles and origami onto some lights.  They truly added that extra special sumthin' to our patio dinner parties.  However you do it, don't forget to play some of your favorite tunes, sit back, and enjoy the meal.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tried and True

Every once in a while, the darling six gang gets into a wardrobe funk.  It's easy to be uninspired by the clothes we face in our closet everyday.  The quickest cure to our outfit conundrums is to pull out a classic and mix it up with something unexpected.  Here, darling three pairs a classic chambray shirt with an adorable lace pocketed skirt; an easy and pretty fix that makes this chica spring ready. 
Happy Monday.  xo.

Darling four is wearing a Gap chambray shirt, Forever21 lace skirt, booties and necklace, and an American Eagle necklace.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Come and get your fresh fruit tarts!


"Mmmm MM!" as the southern cooking queen, Ms. Paula Dean, would say. Thanks to her lovely collection of delectable recipes us darlings experienced a euphoric moment through our taste buds after indulging in a few of these bite size treats.  Create your own version of these fresh fruit tarts by following Ms. Paula's simple recipe here.

PS - According to darling four, a little bit of lemon zest will go a long way when seeking a burst of spring flavors in these tarts! 

Stone Age Rocks

It's funny when you look back and remember some of the crazy fads that came and went.  Do you remember the geode rock trend?  This was so hot during my elementary years.  Geode rocks are rocks with crystallized interiors.  Their jagged edges and rough corners are made more beautiful from the kaleidoscopic colors of the natural rock.  We would rock this trend by wrapping yarn around the rocks and wear them as necklaces. We had nearly forgotten this fad until lo and behold we found these:

They always say that trends come ago, but these mineral rock necklaces have gone from garish to gorgeous.  With their bright stones and organic shapes, these pieces could easily jazz up any simple outfit. Aren't they fun to look at? We sure think so.  

You can also find more varieties here at Unearthen's online store.

xo.  darling three.

Darling Five's Doodles