Friday, December 10, 2010

Ralph Lauren striped sweater hoodie, Mossimo Jean tights, and BCBG pumps

Life is all about the simple things.  Getting dressed up is always fun but it's nice to know that a classic sweater and a pair of great jeans can make you feel just as good.  Darling four pairs the classic sweater with some ripped up jean tights.  Kicking it up with some platform pumps, she makes this easy style her own.  Sometimes, less really is more.

Here are some of the simple things in life we love:
1. Smiles from a loved one
2. The hero's welcome we get from our pups when we come home
3. Fresh baked cookies and their warm comforting scent
4. Hearing your favorite song when you least expect it
5. Finding money in your pocket

What are some of your favorite simple things?