Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prairie Queen

Being Southern girls, the darling six gang have a genuine appreciation for the fields and the prairie.  What better escape when the mind needs clearing and the soul needs to be alone?  
The plain gives man new and novel sensations of elation, of vastness, 
of romance, of awe, and often nauseating loneliness.
- Walter Prescott Webb, The Great Plains (1931) 

Darling three adds sophistication to the prairie dress with rich gold jewelry,
loose wavy hair, and her favorite accessory, the ukulele.  Long dresses are on trend right now and we love Darling three's ease and stride.  The vast open prairie lets the wind blow true and we find it hard not to fall for the mystique of this lady of the Prairie.

Gap dress, Madewell gold chain, J. Crew necklace, bracelet and headband, and Forever21 platform wedges

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