Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stone Age Rocks

It's funny when you look back and remember some of the crazy fads that came and went.  Do you remember the geode rock trend?  This was so hot during my elementary years.  Geode rocks are rocks with crystallized interiors.  Their jagged edges and rough corners are made more beautiful from the kaleidoscopic colors of the natural rock.  We would rock this trend by wrapping yarn around the rocks and wear them as necklaces. We had nearly forgotten this fad until lo and behold we found these:

They always say that trends come ago, but these mineral rock necklaces have gone from garish to gorgeous.  With their bright stones and organic shapes, these pieces could easily jazz up any simple outfit. Aren't they fun to look at? We sure think so.  

You can also find more varieties here at Unearthen's online store.

xo.  darling three.

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